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Who We Are

Steve Voita is a Catholic Artist who is committed to visually enhancing the Church in a way that honors Her and, ultimately brings people closer to Christ.  For him that may manifest itself in the creation of a small painting of an individual saint, scripture rendered in decorative type to enhance an icon or statue, or even in the creation of a mural that measures 30ft by 50ft and portrays the Annunciation and Nativity. His wife, Linda Voita (also an Ontario College of Art Graduate), is an accomplished portrait artist and works in tandem with Steve to create religious works of art.


Why Choose Us

We respect and honor the spaces we work in because, ultimately, we know Who we are really working for. Linda and I have over 65 years of combined experience as professional artists. Our work has encompassed commercial art, fine art (all mediums), sculpture and metal art. We have increasingly become drawn to the pursuit of projects that focus  on the Faith. We live in an age where there are all too many distractions and these Holy spaces are an opportunity for peace, strength and inspiration. It is important to make them so and we can help with that endeavor.  In addition to the ability to paint any image in a realistic manner, we can work in a variety of different styles depending on the needs/vision of the project.



Steve and Linda can offer consultation and advice on the design or concept of any project a Church/Parish may be in need of - and then execute it. We now offer Stained Glass in addition to traditional mediums.  We can paint smaller portraits or montages, enhance chapels/statues with script type, or complete murals either on walls or ceilings.We can design new Stained Glass images in any size and can effect repair on existing windows.  Some spaces may be in need of attention other than the art enhancement. Any repaint/repair of wall surfaces is something we can handle as well so an additional vendor will not have to be called in.